Comeback after Comeback


It has been a while since I wrote an article on this page. Main reason: I was struggling with lot of injuries last season and when there’s not much to say, I prefer to stay silent.


It started in autumn 2016 when I had to leave World Cup final in Aarau due to a stress fracture in my left foot. After a winter with lot of alternative training (and I really don’t like Aquafit sessions) all lights were on green for the sprig season. But the joy was short. Already in the first competition, I broke a bone in my left foot, at the same place where the stress fracture was. World Champs were over for me. First six weeks after the operation there was no training at all, and it took another six weeks before I started running again.

Positive side effect: No need to think about training every day, relaxing weekends, lot of spare time and some longer holidays in Norway and Sweden.




When I started racing again, I surprised myself with a really good shape considering the circumstances and in addition, my races were technically very clean. I had two top 20 places at World Cup in Latvia and a 6th place at World Cup Final in Switzerland. The input-output ratio was on the top.


On a private level 2017 has been a success. After 10 years of being together, me and Martina married in September. It was a great day with an adorable woman by my side and wonderful guests.

Furthermore, I started working at the end of the season for OCAD. I fully share OCAD’s passion for producing perfect maps and I’m happy to support the OCAD-team. I’m convinced, I can focus on and enjoy orienteering even more with a part-time job beside.


My health is still a current issue. There have been too many injuries to just say it was bad luck. On the other hand, I need to say, that I knew about the risks when training or racing and took my decisions after having consulted our medical team.

Some health troubles have been attending me also during the first part of the winter training, right after the motto: one shit after another.

A broken rib after a football game in November (which was the price for a clear victory).

10 days with no training due to sickness – can’t remember when it happened last time.

10 days without running due to an inflammation in my foot in the end of December.

Calf strain second half of January



Luckily after 9 years of solid training on an elite level, my shape is recovering quite fast. But nobody just wants to be as fast as before. Let’s hope 2018 brings me a step further.


A first step was done last week, when I was training in Portugal together with Chlai and the guys from Tyrving. It was a success, as weather, food and maps were fine and I got back into running mode.


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