Cross Country in Turkey


I´m back from my trip to the European Champion Clubs Cup (ECC) in Cross Country, held in the city of Kastamonu, Turkey (3-4h buss drive north of Ankara). Matthias was also supposed to go there, but unluckily he got sick just some days before departure. So it was me and four guys from LC Basel (three runners, one coach) heading to Turkey.

Like the last three year, ECC was representing a first goal in my season planning. In winter time, I put my main focus on physical training and therefore, ECC was not only a good motivation the last weeks but also a good opportunity to test my shape.

And I really got tested this time, as the travel was long, the time for acclimation short, the course deep and wet and on an altitude of 1100 meter above sea level. I could show a solid performance, finishing in 24th spot. It was no exploit, but still a good feedback from my training so far.

After a short sightseeing-jogging the next morning, it was already time heading back to Switzerland. It was a short but exciting trip and I can only write the best about Turkish people, hospitality and organisation. And if you're wondering why I'm struggling with the first English article on our webpage: I met some Turkish orienteers cheering for me and they told me, that it's hard to understand our articles, even in times of Google Translate.

LC Basel team before the raceOur team after the raceKastamonu

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